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The release primarily adds RetailEdge Centralized Application Platform RECAP that allows for advanced connectivity to external applications, e-commerce sites and retail analysis programs. It also includes a number of user suggestions and fixes. PDF e. Added additional Hamachi troubleshooting information when Hamachi fails to start in multi-location or Island installations.

Changed the order of invoices and payments on statements to the invoice date to allow the invoice to better display backdated payments. If the field values are left blank, RetailEdge will create an automatically generated value. Changed tape style receipt and the custom receipt so that if multiple copies of the receipt are printed, the credit card receipt will only print once. This can be useful to indicate future price changes when creating quotes.

Relaxed demo limits to allow new customers to test RetailEdge with larger inventory and customer files. The new demo limit is sales transactions. The coupon code itself can stay short to facilitate quicker data entry. Added the ability to map and add new payment methods to the Modern Retail web integration.

This allows for better future payment method flexibility PayPal, etc. Removed restriction to require State on Modern Retail orders to better handle international orders. State is required only if Country is US. Export now includes all customers, whether they have sales or not. This can be helpful if you want to see customers who have not been in the store for awhile. Added new security tag to prevent users from closing the Sales Screen after items have been added to it.

Added a RECON archive function that in a multi-location that prevents data from being purged from an archive location after being purged from the store location s. Fixed receipt discount text for items that are weighed but the scale settings are incorrectly set. Gift card transactions in two different locations performed within a few minutes of each other no longer overwrites one of the gift card transactions.

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Items that have prices with three places after the decimal now properly round up at 5 on the sales touch screen. Card on file will now allow you to save without an expiration date when credit card processing is turned off. When creating a priced-by-item package the unit price field is now populated allowing new cost to update properly. Added checks to prevent access violation when reprinting a receipt from the sales manager when a receipt is already being printed. Added checks to prevent deletion task files from being repopulated after a purge in a multi-location environment.

Copying a sale with a customer with a store credit to the traditional sales screen will now automatically apply the credit to the sale. The touch based sales screen no longer allows fractional amounts more than two decimal places to be tendered on a sale if the amount is entered directly. Deleting a case child item will no longer prevent new children from being associated with the case item. Added check for quantities on a PO when a item is added to a PO and then converted to a matrix parent.

RetailEdge matrix parent items should not have quantities associated with them. Adding an item that prompts for quantity to a sales screen from the inventory manager now properly adds the entered quantity. Loading customer images now works properly when Windows regional settings are set to locales that use multi-byte characters. A very well-informed response from one of our customers, Janet Shelton, on how she manages her departments.

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Instead, I use a strict system of rules. This causes the data to sort the vendor together and all in alphabetical order. Vendor ID does not put vendors in order, just groups by vendor. This causes those to sort to the bottom. For markdowns, I add a 1 and a data code, causing them to sort to the top so I can more closely monitor them. It puts the data in the order the packing list and invoice will usually be in.

It causes the items to sort the way the vendor designed their vendor numbers, which also is helpful. For example, the fact that the vendor started with E causes all the earrings to sort together. Then the sort is by the earring style in this example.

Next I describe the item, going from general to specific. That is important because sometimes you will want to look at all the items of the same type, such as all hats, and that is an easy way to quickly them without doing a sort. This causes all the earrings to sort together and within that sort, all the gold, silver, etc. If the descriptors are too long, they can be abbreviated, but the abbreviation must be consistent throughout the data base.

Also, this method helps cashiers when they have to search for an item. The data is automatically ordered in a way that makes items easier to find. Developing strict naming conventions is extremely helpful.

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It allow me to read reports at a glance and find what I want to understand. Managing your store without a POS system in place is a difficult thing to do. Part of any good POS system is its ability to structure your inventory into departments and classes. Breaking up of your store into smaller segments departments will allow you to respond faster to the market and as a result be able to buy smarter.

Since most POS systems have some sort of department structure in place you have probably already created these. However, one question to ask yourself: As your store has grown, have you changed your departments to keep up with the changes and are you getting the best possible information from the current structure? About ten years ago I opened up a skateboard shop.

In that shop I had mens clothing, shoes and skateboards as departments. I kept it simple. Now at the time I did not think anything of the way I structured the department hierarchy. It was in line with the product I sold. All mens clothing went into the mens clothing department. Then one day I was looking at a sales report and I was trying to figure out what was selling and what was not.

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