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He had to stall them, had to keep them talking. The Menagerie still lacked a sense of humor it seemed. Where is that ship? Say something else funny.

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Valley of Fires (Conquered Earth, #3) by J. Barton Mitchell

Go on. Instead, he glanced at the environment out the corner of his eye. They were all standing on a massive, decaying steel bridge that spanned what used to be called the Missouri River. It stretched as far as Holt could see in both directions, and was filled with hundreds of old cars, where they had either been abandoned by their owners or blown to bits by Assembly gunships during the invasion. Places like this, precarious ones that were risky, they were where you still found valuable things for trade. It had been eight years since the invasion, and most everything not locked down had already been taken, unless it was difficult to get to.

Clearly, these Menagerie thugs had been thinking the same thing. The snake groaned at the implications. Your shoelaces—do I have to do all the thinking? Two of the boys left to go find restraints. When they got back and tied Holt up, it would all be over, plan or no plan. As ironic as it was, he needed that ship.

Massive Attack - Dissolved Girl (Live - Berlin Arena 1997)

He just hoped he could draw its attention. You ever think of that? The others laughed with him. Then a strange sound filtered up from under the truck. The laughter died; the boys all looked down at it. Holt knew why. His eyes widened at what he found. The boy grabbed hold of something and pulled it out. A long cylinder that sparkled bright red. Even in the daylight, the kids had to shield their eyes. A road flare. Sparkling and burning hot. If this was going to work, it would happen any second. Holt looked up into the sky. His heart made a hopeful leap in his chest.

Holt smiled. Something slammed into one of the boys, knocking him to the ground and pinning him at the same time. His scream quickly faded to nothing as he disappeared far above. The others flinched, panicked, looked around the bridge in confusion. It was only the leader, the yellow skull, who knew what was happening. Another boy screamed as the claw ripped him upward out of sight. The rest bolted. Holt rammed his head into the face of the lone boy still holding him, sent him reeling backwards.

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He was loose; the yellow skull was too shocked to react. The other Menagerie were already running, no longer interested in Holt, concerned only with escaping the horror circling above. He ran with them, toward the edge of the bridge several hundred yards away. Unfortunately, abandoned, rusting cars blocked his path like an obstacle course. Holt had seen the Menagerie approaching, knew the Vulture was circling above. A gamble, but it had paid off.

As he ran, Holt leapt over the hoods and trunks of cars, sliding over them agilely, hitting the ground at a sprint.

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Ahead, the two Menagerie who had gone for rope were running back. They were still focused on Holt. He saw them raise their guns, and he ducked quickly behind a ruined station wagon. Gunfire erupted from ahead of him. He flinched as slugs sparked on the hood of the car. From the other direction, the remaining boys were closing on him, drawing their own weapons.

A scream echoed from in front of him. Another grapling claw yanked one of the two blocking his path into the sky. Immediately after, one of the boys behind him was ripped upward as well. No Vulture could fire and retract its claw that fast. Holt ripped his gaze back up to the sky.

He saw one flash above him. And then another, separate flash several meters to the north. There were two of them. His plan had just backfired. The kid in front of the car, just now figuring out his problems, stared up into the sky with terror.

Barton seeks $84 million favor for Texas Rangers stadium before GOP tax plan kills subsidies

Holt drove straight into him, sending him crashing to the crumbling concrete of the bridge. He could hear the shouts of the other Menagerie pirates behind him, chasing after him. Gunfire sparked all around him as he ran, but Holt ignored it. Only two pirates were left: the heart and the yellow skull leader. They rushed after him, leaping over the cars almost as agilely as Holt, guns drawn.

Valley of Fires

More gunfire shredded the bridge near his feet, barely missing him. Holt lost his footing, stumbled forward, crashed into the open rear door of an old van, hit the ground hard.

The wind burst from his lungs; he struggled to get up. But since the city isn't expected to sell its bond package until next spring, it would be snagged by the new rules. The House GOP's sprawling tax revamp, set for a vote as early as Thursday, has stirred the sports world with its focus on stadium financing. The government-funded perk has long been a sore spot for policymakers, given that tax dollars end up boosting sports teams already awash in riches.

And President Donald Trump, battling the NFL over national anthem protests, has threatened to take away the "massive tax breaks" enjoyed by pro sports teams. Even Barton said there is "nothing wrong" with the House GOP's overall approach of removing the tax break. He said it's a "good reform," adding that "I totally support it. The loss of tax-exempt status on those bonds would have a real financial impact.

Investors would have to pay tax on the interest from those bonds, forcing the city to offer higher interest rates to stay competitive. The net result would cost the city more money. Warren said the city is "pleased to see that a change to the House tax plan is under consideration. The solution could come through Barton's amendment to change the stadium provision by adding a narrow exemption for the new Rangers stadium.

That means any differences would likely have to be worked out in a conference committee with the Senate, whose Republicans so far are leaving stadium financing alone. Barton said he had the support of Rep. Will she turn on the grieving mother as she gets revenge on Jai for discovering her plan?

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Scarlett has revealed that there is more to come from tonight's revelation, teasing "massive" implications for her and Jai. The actress teased: "There's plenty more to come and there's a few more shocks and twists to come so we get an insight into why she's done this. Emma Barton Gillian Kearney managed to blurt out the secret, ensuring she brought even more havoc to the village.